Our Activities
Governed by a board of trustees & a managing committee headed by the President, the Mandal is involved in conducting the following activities: 
1. Distributing educational scholarships & prizes. 
2. Assisting needy community members with medical aid. 
3. Organizing cultural programmes in the form of competitions and get togethers.
Objectives of the Mandal
To help Gnyati bandhu in Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual development.
For the above purpose encourage the education by extending Educational Loans, Prizes, Scholarships & other necessary help and spread and publicizes the importance of Education.
To encourage and help Gynati Bandhus in developing interest in reading and all forms of arts by opening free Libraries, maintain it and administer it.
To spread the knowledge of general and personal hygiene and Physical development of Gynati bandhu and undertake such activities to develop it.
To extend the financial and/or Medical help to all Gynati bandhu.
To undertake such activities that develops fellowship and unity among Gynati bandhu.
To undertake all such activities that will help Gynati bandhus in developing Physically, Mentally, Intellectually and Spiritually.
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